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What is "Stats"? Can I download this data?
What is "Stats"? Can I download this data?
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Sonic doesn't just detect water leaks, but it can also recognise ever-growing lists of household appliances using their unique "Signatures". Over time, Sonic can start to give you an insight into which appliances consume the most water and provide helpful water-saving tips via the Sonic app.

On your App under "Stats", you will see how much water you've consumed on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. All current water consumption is categorised and updated under "Events", and under "Stats" you will see the overall percentage of the water usage from each appliance, giving you an idea which you use the most.

Can I download this data?

At the moment, you can't download the data collected, and all data's collected shouldn't be used as a replacement for a water meter. Although Sonic works similarly as a water meter, it is currently not certified to use for billing purposes.

We recommend that you use this page to efficiently monitor your water consumption and if something doesn't feel right, to investigate further. 

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