If you are going off the grid for a while and would like your family members or friends to receive the alerts, you can easily do this on your Sonic mobile App.

To do this, launch your Sonic App then tap on “Settings” and under the "Home Settings" you will find “Users & Contacts”. Then click the (+) "Add button" to add their email address. 

Once you have done this, they will receive an email invite to your Sonic. If they don't, please advise them to check their spam mailbox.

And of course, they will need to download the Sonic app via Google Play or App Store.

How to remove contacts from my account?

To remove a friend or family member from your "Circle of Trust" simply go to "Settings". Under "Users and Contacts" you should be able to view your currently active and pending Admins. Tap the "Admin" you wish to remove, and a pop-up will appear to confirm the changes.

Unfortunately, once you have deleted an "admin" we will not be able to revert this for you, but you should be able to add them back again.

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