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Whereabouts does Sonic go in my home?
Whereabouts does Sonic go in my home?
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Sonic sits on the incoming cold water main to the property, right after your shut-off valve but before any branches or appliances in the pipe. 

Sonic can be installed horizontally or vertically, following the flow of water. On the device itself, you'll find an arrow indicator which must match the flow of water. 

Please note that Sonic should not be installed in places that can be submerged in water. And, any fixtures or pipes that are located "before" the unit will not be monitored and Sonic is only for use with cold water systems.

Before you install Sonic, make sure that you have an internal stopcock that works and if there's none, double-check if you have one outside (usually they are located next to the garage or water meter). 

A plumber will be able to locate this, therefore, we recommend that you get a professional plumber to install Sonic.

NB: If you live in a property that has suppression sprinkles, please read here

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