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What happens if there’s a leak?
What happens if there’s a leak?
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Sonic will warn you about the problem wherever you are in the world via a in-app messages/ push notifications. If you don't respond, you will receive robocalls in quick succession, to potentially break through your do not disturb mode.

The Sonic app lets you choose how to respond to the alert, and if you believe it could be a genuine leak, you can shut off the water to limit the damage, or snooze to give you more time to investigate. If you think it's a false alarm or you've already dealt with the problem, you can dismiss the incident to close it.

Sonic will estimate how bad the potential leak is, and if you don't respond within a certain amount of time, it might automatically shut off the water supply to help protect your home. You can override Sonic at any time via the app or the physical controls on Sonic itself.

And, If you're going off the grid for a while, you can even nominate a friend or family member to receive leak notifications in your place. 

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